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Uh billy cunningham is jose ratliff we're gonna talk limit tools hi today 205 and sort of 105 about travelling because i think this is an important issue with fc cincinnati going on and the socalled protest protesting what you're protesting the fact that you got a prosecutor who fervently believes in your costs and he's tried it twice and made due to third time and you're protesting the fact that he agrees with you that these are protest in pursuit of a of a cause these are answers in search of a question the they're doing they're protesting something the joe dealers has done and probably a fighter put a gun to my head i would say in all probability jody tres is going to try the case of third time if i had to guess and it's only a guess even though is overwhelmingly voting by the peta jury the trial jury not to do it except on voluntary manslaughter actually it was like eight two four in the first trial to convict and the second trial it was seven to five not guilty is somewhat close but it's unanimous as get your opinions on this we have christina glenn than thousands of others have aligned becomes available 513 749 seven thousand are moving in and talk to glenn on this one but he's gonna have to wait is turn it's called affirmative action taken christina i for mason then glenn krisztina in mason go ahead the home of don prince go ahead christine oh my grant kerry back but then and guy meant peter allowed to bear recommendation or come up with it down in the first two hundred seventy days front from the point that ray tensing was arrested you at the state is two hundred seventy days from that point to bring the charges and so in that i know what happened in this case what happened in this cases joe thaw it was a.

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