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Can't get a leg up china's going to lead when we talk about climate change china's going to lead will not until you can breathe in beijing and so i think we sometimes overstate some of this numb yes i would have stayed in the paris agreement i would have stayed in uh in the tpp but i don't see these as disasters for american foreign policy i will tell you that on the iran deal of while again uh perhaps just two to keep from having the trouble around decertification i might have said certify i didn't support that deal so i understand why the administration looking at it a new says we have a deal that uh yes it does some good things on the nuclear side but when you look at iran in the middle east when you look at the troublemaker that the iranian regime is whether it is in yemen or in syria when you look at the fact that that money that was unfrozen uh and by the way this is what the protesters in iran found out when that budget came out is going to help paul salamone and the cubs force in lebanon or in syria you ask yourself uh was given the given the nefarious intent of the regime there would it be better if they had nuclear weapons right now but i i will tell you i think that this is an opportunity for the europeans uh and us to say their way to improve the steel i would look hard at questions verification eide lockhart again at taking off uh restraints on weapons sales advanced conventional weapons sales on missile technology down the road i would look hard at whether we're just buying time at the expense of looking and seeing that we actually have a rainy and regime with better capability down the road uh rather than saying well we should just certified the deal in state with the deal as it is i do think that there is an opportunity for europe in the united states to look again and you know what the iranians have the same incentives.

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