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If you've got any questions for mayor renna mirer have any thoughts on what we've discussed today. Feel free to chime in but the question we got was kind of going back to. How difficult is it to be the mayor of two counties. Because you've got a lot of people not necessarily that you have to please but kind of. Yeah that's probably an understatement. You know everything's different between larimer weld county. I mean just you know people Have diametrically different views you know based upon politics based upon taxes higher lower. What are you getting for. What taxes you pay you know. All of that stuff plays into where they wanna live. And you know weld. County obviously has lower taxes. It's just it's a fact then. Lamoure county lamour counties. Got a lot of great things going on in it right now. They're building new behavioral health facility. They're redoing the ranch which is a huge economic draw. All of our communities you know. Obviously the cost of of those improvements fall on the back of the tax payers to cover all of that. So it's it. it's a fine line because it's a very fine line In that you know you have. County commissioners on both sides. That i've got to have a good relationship with a good working relationship. Obviously none of us are all gone. One hundred percent of the time but it it. It's been a great a partnership. I feel like i have a great relationship with all of them. It's not just you know a dream to have it some day really is and You know and a lot of these people. I've known for many years now. Both on the world side and the the current lerma county commissioner so it both counties have a lot going for them right now but there's these things these issues like. We've talked about with water and things like that that that that that keep us all bound together that we have to be able to work through these issues. I'm actually on a coming back to this a little bit..

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