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I mean, I'm sure part of it's cyclical. Right. I mean, we can only that was like we'll each the trying Matt Berman. Is you that you mentioned that only works on someone like Chris Berman? Right? I mean, it's you or someone of that who's been around for that long like you, you could write a column or your have like a probably probably more effective is like, you know, a Twitter storm or tweet storm making fun of like Marv Albert's tendon. 'these. Right? But if you've spent two thousand words using the exact same effect on, like I n eagle, it would feel like a mean hatchet job, right? I mean, it's only it's only if is. Exactly. And then you know generational Li like people that are, who are people who are weaned on Chris Berman hate for probably think that that's like, you know, that don't quite get the joke in the same way, you know, and and then and then the the, the effect sort of snowballs. Yeah, I was. I was found that I just found like again, it's like if you were mad at him for making the same jokes, that was totally. That was totally fair. I remember reading somewhere, I have to find this up a tweeted on the press box account if I find it. But someone once said somewhere, it's like college game day because it doesn't have any of that back back back back back stuff to go back to our over Twitter joke this week, and I'm like, did you realize it when Chris Burma was doing that? He was imitating a classic red barber call of Al John frito from nineteen forty seven. Fito back back back back back back. He makes one to catch. So we bent somehow lowbrow to imitate red barber from nineteen forty,.

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