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I just got Eddie was driving to lunch and just sent me a couple of billboards that he saw on the way they're starting to go up. So December eighteen is Ellen has. Standup comedy special. It's her return to stand up after fifteen sixteen years of doing this show. And I'm just going to tell you that I had the pleasures as did Mary. Ann. Ed Kevin didn't care enough to make the trip, but Mary Ed, and I were there for the taping. I know Ellen. I love Ellen. I've now worked with her for sixteen years. Absolutely. Without a doubt belly laughing. Having been to a couple of the stand up shows before while she was working out her material. I got there. I was like, okay. And the whole building was shaking with laughter. And it was it was a rickety building, we couldn't get. To laugh and then to see everybody around me laughing. It was just it was like it was like a religious experience. People people had a really good times fun. It's a whole different people ask what the differences between the show and stand up and there's a big difference. It's just me by myself on stage with an audience, and it's kind of just a more intimate. Not that the show isn't intimate. But doing stand up is is just a me by myself without a guest without anything just talking for an hour. And and in talking about other things that I don't normally talk about on the show. And also, it's it's an hour of me talking. It's not just coming up for monologue. And then going into interviews people gonna watch it over and over again, it's everything it's everything you expect it to be times. Ten right. It's fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. Really funny comedy. And then Ellen takes questions from the audience, which is always fun and always. Unpredictable and Ellen ever knows. What's going to happen? The audience never knows what's going to happen. And it's really really funny. Yeah. It's good. And the truth is I have to say the reason Kevin wasn't there as he actually was in Australia overseas. Andy game of games. I went to allow the test that is as good if not better than you describe it. So what you are the best at. Porsche had never seen me do it. And she was she just put piling too much on my plate. She just thought it was way too busy to to add that to my summer. And then once she saw me on stage for the very first time when I started trying stuff out. She's like, oh my God. You're this is what you're supposed to do. So it was great to see someone. I love so much that that she, you know, really loved watching it and went to every single show watched every single everything. So it was really fun. Did you see how much I loved it? No. I said people in love, okay. After this. I did it the last minute. Get you. And just give me podcast. Why? Decide to do that. Really don't know. I mean. I don't have an answer that Eddie said, you know, they keep asking you. If you want to do a Netflix special, and he'd mentioned it to me before. But I just never zones agent agent. And he just said, you know, you don't have to do it right away. But we should just make a deal. Just in case you come up. So I made a deal actually on the way home from getting the medal of freedom. We were on the plane on the way home from getting the medal of freedom. So what would that to us? And so I made it that long ago. And then I just was I almost gave the money back so many times because they gave me a deposit, and I was like oh my God. I'm never going to think of anything, and I almost I almost cancel it. So many times to return the fifteen thousand dollars. Sorry. And all of a sudden out of nowhere. I came up with this whole relatable idea. I was in Tahiti. Go to heat. It's just hit me this whole thing about being relatable. And and just, but but making just a ridiculous not really being relatable. And that the name came to me, the the whole I twenty minutes came to me. And then I had to write another forty minutes. Another forty minutes. Here's a tiny tiny clip of what you can see next Tuesday, a friend of mine was at my house, and I told him I'm gonna do stand up again..

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