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Well, I think there's always going to be people who should just get another job. Yeah, you know, I mean if you've got abusive bosses, if you have you know a situation where they just don't listen to anything you said they don't respect you they don't care about you. You should get out but I think if you're same mid-level, yeah and you're in a company you have to really just look at what it is that you love about it and there is always something that you love about your job and make that your focus. So for instance when I went to work at the kitchen see, yeah, you know, I saw that they were they weren't anti-science but they just represented sometimes the wrong people and so I started a practice doing wrong thing was they're going to destroy the world and I'm I'm helping the scientists to save it. Yeah, and so I started working with Scientists about better communicating the science that they do and making wage. More accessible to the public and how do we in an NSF in particular? It was trying to explain the role that basic research has in science and that's very hard because you can't point to a specific thing and then say, you know like NSF there was a period where they just took credit for these grants and funded right and you know one thing they actually did fund the beginning of the internet but how do you draw a line from? You know, we gave somebody money to look at the possibilities of doing this for Science and now look right, you know, it's hard. So I think you know you find something that you really believe in and I do believe in science and you Figure out a way to work in that piece of it and bring the skills that you have because as a former journalist, I was very good at explaining things to people and people would go on and on and on off and especially in Academia, you know, they just go on and on and I used to think..

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