A.I. And the Future of Work


Pratique joshi. Welcome to the podcast. Thanks dan to be here. Thank you for having me. Well it's great to have you here my friend. Hey before we get started. I was wondering if you could tell our audience about pluto. Shift what is it. And what is your parole in the company. I'm that the joshi on the ceo. Ludo shift and We are headquartered in palo alto california and pluto shift is an operational data platform. But it means is. It's a tool to monitor physical infrastructure. And it's built for companies that make the guts like food and beverage and chemicals manufacturing so on and so forth so we held them. Keep an eye on it by using the data that already collecting so a lot of what you do revolves around artificial intelligence. Is that correct. That is correct. yes. I'm wondering if you could share with us for those that don't know what artificial intelligence or a is how you would define that and beyond that. How do you contrast it with machine. Learning to me is the ability of a machine to perform tasks that require human intelligence is a state of existence and the system and make decisions on itself now. How those decisions are made that many different frame with to do that. But at the core of its an ability that we can instill into a machine by providing a framework on how a decision gets made.

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