Oscars 2021: 'Nomadland' wins best picture on night of historic firsts


Have been a number of significant winners at the Oscars Awards ceremony in Los Angeles. Yes, it's been an Oscars, unlike any other with covert restrictions. In effect, the 93rd Academy Awards has bean celebrating some of the best films. The past year on the red carpet for us, Peter Bows and Tom Brook. Peter, could I start with you? We've We've just found out what the best picture is. Yes, And the best picture is no model on this is the phone that is long being the favorite to win Best picture at the Academy Awards, Directed by Closure Oh, the Chinese filmmaker, she becomes the first woman of color to win best director at the Oscars, and we've just in the last few minutes heard that Frances McDormand has won for best actress for her starring role. In this film, so it really is quite a feat for this phone that tells the story of a group of nomads. It's partially scripted but partially real life because there are some non actors alongside Actors in this film that is set around or shortly after the financial crash of 2000 and eight these people who have lost everything because of what happened in the financial world, going on a journey and the western United States to try to earn some money through some odd jobs. I'm with here in Los Angeles, Tom Brook from the BBC's talking movies. Show and Tom, This is movie has so much better than people thought it has. I mean, it's got through. You know, Matt Land has three trophy is interesting in Frances McDormand, just one for best actress. This is her third Oscar. That I think puts her on a par with Meryl Street, but she doesn't have as many as you. Neither haven't many is. Katharine Hepburn did really good performance from Frances McDormand. I mean, she's most definitely One of American cinema's most reliable and charismatic, leading ladies on this film has done well. It's really the night does belong to note belong to Nomad land so far, and a very diverse night. If we look at these supporting actor and actress categories, both won by actors of color. That's very true. Daniel Cholula, who is British and black, one for best supporting actor and best supporting actress, with one by year Young Eun, who appears playing a grandmother in the film minority, So a very diverse night. Interestingly it's been a good night for women, I think particularly because We had Chloe Zhao winning for best director but also in original screenplay. Emerald Fennel, the British filmmaker. She won in that category That's normally thought of as a male preserve. So definitely progress on just briefly all of this, of course, taking place with the backdrop of covert 19. With the Oscars ceremony taking place at two venues that train station in downtown Los Angeles on the Dolby Theater just very quickly breaking news. Anthony Hopkins has won the award for best actor for his role in the phone. The father Thank you. Thank you. No one expected that you got them both the best picture and the best actor. We really appreciate it. Tom Brooke and Peter bows on the red carpet in Los

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