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A little person named Ed Gale, Burn Iceland or professional to perform Howard the duck. And so. It was all hands. Just. Getting. All these masks and feet and the hands. and. The head, the heads, the whole crew of women who came in and feathered masks are ours involve. Preparing, the sort of painting in preparing the masks for the feathering. Working with craft feathers site four feathers even real ones is such a nightmare. Such a nightmare. Got These feathers and they actually had to be clear they can only use the little pieces. Yeah. Chad Benson So we all we all we all help down. We clicking feathers revolve working on. You know duck hands and. I did some sculpting jaded some sculpting Bob marketed some scully. But I think we're on from nine months. He was a long 'cause there a lot of preparation before could. A. Duck had only lasted gray on on the set. You know by the time Saturday with all this movement defers we get all you know messed up and everything in they'd have to have A. Duck. Head. Exchanges. So always the feedback when that movie came out. Unfortunately It did not do well, it was critical. Yeah, unfortunately. For some reason that didn't seem to work for a lot of people and. Sometimes when a movie doesn't do well from a script point of view or editing point of view that somehow the artists who are part of the visual effects team and and whatnot. have their reputation tarnished because of that? I don't think so. Because people sell them read the credits at the end. Now, I don't. I'll take we were worried that affect our careers sir. You know it's hard to say you know you can have a great script it could turn out into a Sosa movie. You can have a basket that could turn into a source of a, but you can only have a great script turns or great movie..

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