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I would never i repeat never giving nother player in the league non quarterback a guaranteed contract because you just be stuck with players that you really don't want also the injury rate of the sport here's the problem with doug baldwin's thought process most players can't afford the bet on themselves because of the nature of the sport how likely you already get injured cousins was lucky enough quarterbacks or not going to get injured as much as lyman as much as receivers as much as defensive players to bet on yourself means to get the free agency especially if you're a really good player they're probably going to tag you well you consistently see players or not comfortable with being tagged because they want a long term contract now part of signing the long term contract is giving a little money back and not getting it fully guaranteed but the great part of not having contracts fully guaranteed from a front office perspective and that's the way i look at it i'm most people in the media are pretty pro player i'm pretty anti player you know i i'm pro the sweet players i like to stay flexible in every other player so you know if you're lebron james tom brady i'm pro you but if you're basically anyone else on the roster that's not my cash cow i wanna stay flexible i want to be fluid i wanna have the ability to get out of it at any moment and that's a great thing the nfl has its why in these other two leaks here do fix players like dedom consume muhammad wilkerson for example two guys that just recently got cut they signed massive contracts within the last two or three years if it was basketball or baseball those players would not become available.

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