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Welcome back to the starters every week we scour the internet to bring you the mean team our favorite weird and wacky moments from the past 70s number five demar derozen and footlocker produced a tribute to the birth of basketball some of you may not know this but a canadian named james naismith invented basketball i'm going to teach you guys the roof rule number one no drip rule number two no running with the ball no running with the ball beautiful abkhaz literally that you can done here's another little attitude in the altitude you know i've seen a gave what they lose that stick in it it's just impossible the sacramental kings or one in seven has been get lit up in fact things have gotten so bad that the king's official twitter account has started tweeting random facts during game play to help distract fans from the beef downs one for example on little fact no malls on halloween nearly thirty five million pounds a candy corner produced each year too many and on wednesday game 7 of the world series astros five dodgers your atop the second case is he didn't want to be washed number three shack guest host of the jimmy kimmel show and he killed it also shows a new slug were margaret georgia started to play baseball except for those of you wondering where jim use he's right here he was delicious as you will be miss all the visually does this show assu.

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