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With Conway services is your air conditioning system, ready for the hot Memphis summer. Good news. It's spring cleaning time at Conway services will come out and perform our exclusive sixteen point energy saver super tuneup on your air conditioning system for only sixty nine dollars. Did you know the number one cause of air conditioning system breakdown is dirt a'dirty air conditioning system, can literally star the life from your home schooling system. Calls an untimely breakdowns higher utility costs and even premature Clinton failure will remove years of dirt grime and leased from air conditioning system making. Sure, you're ready for the hot Memphis summer all for only sixty nine dollars. It's like taking your air conditioner to a car wash. Plus right now, we'll treat your air conditioning with special Teflon coating to help protect against the hotmail, son. So call Conway services, the midsouth premier heating, cooling, plumbing, and electric service company at three eight four thirty five eleven and call this week, and we'll perform your super tuneup for only fifty seven dollars. Thirty. One eighty over one you and I had a stroke when I woke up I can speak walk one forty five over ninety two and then I had a heart attack a hundred eighty two over one hundred and I had a heart attack and cardiac arrest, and then a stroke everything changed it felt like my life was over. This is what high blood pressure sounds like you might not feel it symptoms, but the results from a heart attack or stroke or far from invisible or silent one fifty over ninety and I add a stroke. If I would've followed a trim plan. I would not be in this situation. One eighty over one ten and I had a stroke than I'm thirty three..

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