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Okay I just exhausts charging it for a really long time. Probably overcharge early overcharged. It drove it here, okay. I have no idea. IDEA. Take a flame thrower! Really. Along this is Jim, I'm in your ear. Don't Let the gentleman. You're having lunch with meeting with no, but. Next the next person to come up to you is an alien. Just so you know we have is on them. We have is on them. You're going to be. High Yeah. What That reminder where we met. DETROIT AUTO SHOW Jeff, how's it been? Give him a flame thrower. Okay, Jim I don't need to be told to do. I give. A, so, why do you want my kitty sir? Well, we're using this as a draft and we're gathering all of the house cats in the area. Were starting a small army. kiddies makes sense of course it is. You WanNa. Use My kid these to make playtime. No. We're going to use your kiddies for national defense. Kidding does not sound sweet. It sounds ready for battle. Sounds like a battle cat? These are my keys, my grandmother's. CH- well, we are having a draft and we are enlisting all kitties. Okay. Oh, what who the hell are you? Are you talking about it? I'm with the Department of Defense Dod. We're here to pick up every kitty that you have any kind of a badge or any kind of the this batch. This is my gun. Sometimes, this has more. Okay all right hold on what the Hell do you want? I want every God damn cat in your house and I need them in a bag and I'm taking with me. You'll get. Turned Kimberly get inside. Get inside. Would you want the cats? Want every cat you have in a bag. You'll get the cats back. Okay Look, you got all the cats. It's amazing they're all. Alive. All we need in a bag. will say is catch out of the bag I. thought that begs and catch. We're like peanut, butter and Jelly. One cat, we contested. Hell, are you talking about? You. Don't sing. Is Cats out of the why peanut butter and Jelly? What does that have to do? It's just not say. Those are all saying different things. I've got five hundred dead cats on my end and one one living cat. Cadillac like Rambo. It's going to be a really good I. Will I hope you? Can do something with it because I. Just I hope you've got a good leisure. Be Put on the back of this I have a great laser. Remind last names laser. My first name is. Frank and Tell the truth, you. You got that less name added onto. What added on. Yeah Okay just going over application for a name change Frank You don't want the last name Fleet Jim. Can you like to change it to lasers? Damien, delays. which the the background you ask everyone that question. Someone, this chatty, if the. You know what work here a minute. You're sharing. I don't think so no. Fleas you WANNA. You WanNa. Change it to laser. Yes, it's. It's French but my mom was death and when you meet people with the name laser. What were you told them the origin of that name? I guess I'll tell them that. It's because I invented lasers. I'm just fucking with you. DMV Humor. That's cool. I don't really get. Joking with me usually so. We just need to take your photo. If you just look straight ahead into these. I'm just fucking with. We don't need your photo. Okay I'm one of the guys do. It's a beautiful. So So. Somebody used the flame thrower to to put your on fire at the DMV. Yeah okay well, apparently, the you have no permanent moons here, but it is a common internal flame. Shave this'll rod dog this week. Hook you up for a Rod. Consult You'll have to go outside the hospital system and. Of course. Shit for me to Dowse it. No, I think you've got to keep this flame going, but yeah I I would. Definitely. If you went to raw a second opinion or something I feel like. Office. Dr Musk. Tell Him your second opinion is that he's also ugly can shut the fuck up Jim. fucking. I'm not sure you even exist. What do you mean I don't exist ugly? What you're ugly. You're jammed. The voice in my head told me to tell you that. Your piece of Shit just because you make those Goddamn batteries. You think you're cool I've never seen one to the starbucks bathroom with you. Take a look at my firearm thing though I just cut the shit out of my hand and your balls. And that is our show. such a pleasure Chris Alvarado. Thank you so much for joining us today, but boy. They spearheaded me I love you guys and I love everyone and I love everything. All right like. Controversy. Yeah okay! Follow. Sons, a good boy on the. S. O. N. Y.. Boy On instagram all right Paul Great to see your Chaz always James Heaney. Thanks for tuning in check out the adventure bits on youtube were playing some dark souls. It's incredible expert. Walk through of an incredible game. and. How do we find that? It's on Youtube at the adventure. Bits the adventure bits. Yeah, sure that. If you just looked up James Heaney end adventure, it would show up. Could folks just send you two or three dollars each instead? Yeah actually impacts five dollars, and you don't have to look at anything. I, ever do, but that's a monthly fee. Where do they send the? Can you give us an address? To never mind, put it on the mountain this instagram. Caroline Connor. Thank you so much. A. Burnt that bread again. I know that was sad. Look though we're just in the oven too long. What was the deal every almost every time? I Make Bread I. Forget about it because it takes so long. What are we on your phone? What are we talking about in terms of? Hours like over twenty four hours between all the rising and the turning and the oven. And Yeah I have a timer on my phone, but that I I like get distracted. It's kind of. We'll keep post. Those photos please I can't get enough of the burnt brings I'll try. Thank you for being here. Craig cousy would a pleasure. Check out the final episode of craigslist. Great Place to start to start at number one work your way backwards community streaming on Netflix.

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