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Insider doctor flicks dot com and I have a story about about this Christmas star over there, so I'd encourage people to check that out. Okay. Insider doubt pure flicks. Com Um I also have to bring up your book playing with fire that came out earlier. I'm fascinated with this book because it's a book that as I read it, my job kept dropping. You're talking about all of the the well known cases of Exorcizes ums that we've talked about in the past, not just the one that inspired William Peter Blatty is book. But other experts ISMs and I have to go back now, a couple months after this book's been out Well, are you still getting revelations about demons and possessions and exorcizes ums? Yes. So I am And what's interesting is I've had people reach out to me and they're like, Oh, my goodness. I heard your interview somewhere or I picked up the book. And this is what's happening in my house. And there's actually one family. I connected to somebody who could help them. I want to be But they needed help. And you know it's been interesting because you hear these stories or people have actually resettle out to talk about past issues they had right before they had turned to faith. Where they were dabbling with these things they shouldn't have been, and you know, so yeah, I've had. I've had a lot of that and I just had a couple e mails the other day. It's on my Web site. People will reach out and I'm actually planning to do some other projects off of this because I think it's it's such an important You know, topic when you're talking about spiritually warfare and possession and all that we tend to look at it as entertainment. But there are a lot of people out there and, yes, some people are having mental afflictions. But others are experiencing things that they cannot explain. And that that we can. We can actually explain when we look at Scripture and so That was the whole motivation for writing, you know, playing with fire, and I love hearing from people on it because it kind of reinforces this idea, And we know that this is true because we see it in the box office numbers. It's a topic people want to talk about, and people are interested in it, but they don't always feel comfortable having the conversation. Well, you didn't feel comfortable committing to writing the book. Initially, you have to take some time before you actually decided to write it. I did not want to rape playing with fire. I was pretty committed to not writing it. But I really am a person. You know this. I'm not perfect. I try toe. Pray about everything, and I kept praying about it and I just kept feeling like it was something I needed to do and that I should do so I sat on that book contract for two months and Kept thinking, You know, it's just It's such a dark topic. Do I really want to go in and tell these stories of possession? And do I really want to open my family up? I was had all these assumptions about what happens. And I know that that sounds if you're if you're an atheist, and you're listening, this sounds crazy. Or if you're a skeptic, it sounds like I'm a nut job saying this, but For Christians. We know what the Bible says. And it doesn't take much to look out there. Everybody I don't care how atheistic ur whoever's listening. You've all interacted with people who have had things happen that they can't explain. We all have that We all have those people or we've been those people and so Anyway, I create about it, and I felt it was the right thing to do. And I dove in, and it was really one of the most amazing experiences. I'm glad I did it. I'm glad you did it to again. The book is playing with fire. His name is Billy Hallowell, my friend. Thank you for talking about the Christmas star. And thanks for spending some time with me Christmas and demons that way, covered.

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