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What about then ballot check i know you weren't with him that long right yeah i had him so he was the dc with us report cells so i had known him prior to uh in the as a head coach in he's an amazing xi's news great guy in our great great coach uh completely different culture than parcels mp carol uh we'll wasn't a whole lot interaction with the players he just tried to straight to business in the friction job keep your mouth shut in getting line or get out and uh your that works that works up there and he was great he put together uh i know i didn't actually contribute a whole bunch my last year i get hurt and preseason going in and never made it back on the field uh a year during a game so i was pretty much worthless my last year there wind up getting released uh actually on halloween in october and then my career was done in came back your lancaster but it was it was it was definitely uh know different cultures different different locker rooms uh your door nos three coaches in it appreciated the mall there's some great some great things are some things that could have been different uh but all seen the works uh you know as a player pretty happy to be part of it i want you to tell the story of of how how your career ended because they think um a lot of people don't realize you know how how cutthroat the business can be at times.

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