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Larsen dot com frankly I think Donald Trump is played the major media and the opposition party like a fiddle because there was a time when governors weren't making very quick decisions about what to do about the China virus and Donald Trump promptly announced well I'm in charge of that and you know what I did was a bit of a rope a dope because the governors some of them had been a little reluctant immediately bounced up and said he's not in charge especially the democratic governors were in charge well of course Donald Trump knew that it's part of the constitution the federal government doesn't tell the states what to do to a large extent on public health the states make decisions and in particular public health departments in states and governors of states well now now that America's been get beginning to re open trump's done the very same rope a dope saying well I'll decide when America reopens it of course the governor's immediately say no we're going to decided yes as the constitution says you're going to decided but you will have to make a decision now I thought when I talk about that with doctor Roger stark who is an MD not one of the other kind of doctors with a Washington policy center on federal versus local decision making when it comes to re opening America doctor stark welcome back to the program great thanks for having me Lars how much say so does the federal government actually have in whether states decide to say okay you can open up restaurants and bars and churches and all the rest or not well I suppose the federal government could actually say no you cannot do that absolutely not but as you mentioned just before V. of the constitution the states have that prerogative worry not only states but also local communities but I think that that as as we see the nation open back up a second each community is going to have to make some sort of a decision about when the restaurants when the bars open when the Germans can open and so forth so I think this is really a local issue a public health issue on a local basis and I think that's the way that that the country ought to but to re open why do you suppose there's been so much confusion or seeming confusion words not clear cut but the governor's really are making these decisions and the best Washington can do is say well we have federal agencies like CDC and FDA and others that that can assist and certainly they can call on the national stockpile we saw the governor of New York for example Andrew Cuomo making all kinds of noises about how he needed forty thousand ventilators right now and since he had decided not to prepare them in advance for his state was the federal government's job to do it for him turns out he didn't need forty thousand ventilators but he was allowed to make a lot of noise on television about it and he got some help from the federal government and that was that so so what kind of role should play should the federal government play in assisting the states when they come to do this yeah well that's exactly what their role that is into to help offset any deficit for the state may have to provide the equipment they need well perhaps to provide the direction you ask why this is actually occurring warranty the people even talking about national sorts of policy I think what we've seen here over the last couple months we've seen some very prominent well respected individuals who are saying this is a national crisis and we need national direction in how we're going to close the economy and how we're going to re open the economy and as we have pointed out that is absolutely it's not practical and it's really sort of nonsensical actually so the idea that the same the same rules that that would work well for Manhattan maybe limitations for Manhattan would also work in rural Georgia or or northern California or Nebraska and and if you if you put that proposition is somebody even not a medical doctor like you say we should have the same public health rules for a doubt for for Times Square as we do for main street in Dubuque Iowa yeah you know I mean it's nonsensical when you think about it okay let's look at the the state of Washington for example the impact of the virus in Seattle is much different than the impact of the of the virus in Spokane or in wala wala in each one of those communities ought to have their own say about how they're going to re open it really is a local kind of issue that's it's not a national or even a statewide issue necessarily and yet as much as the stage will be to Donald trump's I think rope a dope I think that's exactly what the president did he want to get them off the dime and a lot of state governors immediately reacted but as much as they say no Donald Trump you're not in charge in part because they don't like him because their politics they have done the same thing within their own states where they look at the biggest cities where they're concerned because that's where the most voters are and they say we will craft a policy that will work for the whole state and and the same objection would be true on us on a smaller scale you know big cities versus small cities rural versus urban that should be true trend nationally but as much as they can see the good the president should not be in charge of re opening throughout America should governors except that they shouldn't be trying to call the same shots for for big towns and small towns yeah that's a really good point Lars what we have seen in the state of Washington is facing governor Insley sort of look at Seattle look at Kirkland look at Snohomish and say oh my gosh we're gonna shut the stage down entirely and we're going to re open the state up on on a on a statewide basis and that is absolutely the incorrect way to do it and I think every state is is in the same situation I gotta believe the western New York state is much different in Manhattan for example so you know if it's a local issue all right so how do we get those governors to actually accept that and say we understand that there are different solutions it'll work in different parts of my state and maybe even allow a little bit of the private sector the private a good place and even in things that aren't strictly commercial like churches I mean if you say to the pastor of a church you know the dangers you know the hazards you've seen what it what's done in very circumstance over the last few months we'll let you go ahead and start having services again here's what we suggest for you now go ahead I think most pastors you know a preacher's pro priest imams and rabbis are gonna look at that and say we want to do this carefully because they don't have any interest in fact there probably the best to decide if if they're if they're congregations at eight you know at risk by what they're doing rather than a governor sitting in an office two hundred miles away yeah that's exactly right you know you could say well this is sort of a power trip on the part of the governor's if you want to give him the benefit of the doubt you could say they're just trying to be as safe as possible but your point is well taken I think I think local ministers local priest a local restaurant owners they're the ones that can actually make the decisions on the ground look at their communities and say okay how can we do this safely and and you're right a decision made two hundred three hundred miles away that's that that is just not practical one and unfortunately I think people are gonna learn through experience couple week or the weekend of Memorial Day weekend and just before there were some family get togethers and one particular community and they ended up with a spike of cases that were all easily identifiable as coming from those family groups and you hate to say it but in those cases people were allowed to act on their own you know on their own set of rules and it had some terrible consequences for some of them and in some point a figure doctor.

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