A highlight from Cameron George: The Psychological and Medicinal Benefits of Kava


For listening. Here's the show. All right onto the show with cameron george. We're chatting about what happened. When cameron went twelve days without food and water the psychological and medicinal benefits of cover the importance of honoring traditional preparations of plant medicines instead of solvent extractions negative effects of commonly prescribed from on brain chemistry. And what to do about it and tons more. Let's go hang out with cameron. Welcome back folks. Joining us on the show. Today is cameron george. Also known as kava. Cam cameron is a researcher. Writer and the founder of true kava. Welcome to the show. My friend able thanks for having me. It's a lot of fun so let's start with with a crazy fact that once you went twelve days pretty much without food and water not so much a fun story but it's important that people know where you're coming from with all this. I think oh totally in so many of us. Who sort of get into this sort of influencers circuit or into the industry. Providing high quality say health products or strategies to people people just trying to empower themselves and sort of take back their sovereignty. Most of us get into it through some form of pain right. It's very very common right. I mean there's two main ways to grow this. Tony robbins thing by the way there's desperation and there's inspiration. Inspirations a lot more fun that's hearing somebody else's story and being inspired by it and of course you can be inspired by your own or the death of a loved one or something around you but desperation is whenever you're back is truly up against the ropes. And i you know the pressure in necessity can bring out near the depths in the underpinnings of who you really are at your existential core in a way that almost nothing else can. I got sick tremendously sick really early on in life from what we kind of referred to in functional medicine as kind of like a perfect storm. Where a lot of these different stressors come together susceptible genetics environmental toxins stressors. You know emotional. Trauma is all these things in the bottom fell out. When i was like twenty years old. I ended up in one of these neuro toxic sort of unexplainable spectrum illnesses where i got a lot of different diagnoses. You know where it's like at the end of that. None of them really mattered. It didn't help because it didn't tell them. With the pathology was it was just sort of labelling. My symptoms downstream. I was labeled with crohn's and colitis and all kinds of brain stephan psychiatric stuff. But i had a total collapse basically and ended up in one of these tremendous autoimmune spectrum. Illnesses where i had a total just devastation of my energy my brain function. I was became highly highly reactive almost everything that i was eating at one point because my gut was so wrecked and i was leaky and everything and so. We're having just this sort of primed auto immunity which is that the underpinning of crime disease today this like a low grade inflammation that becomes high great inflammation and. I ended up in this situation. Where i was reacting to virtually everything that i was eating in. Eventually i was even reacting to water. Which i didn't even know that was possible right. I was that sick to where like literally the mineral composition or could even be like the energetic imprint that was embedded in the water. It doesn't matter at that point. My system was so weakened so highly reactive and so traumatized. By pharmaceutical drugs i had been prescribed by mold. Toxicity by emotional traumas reactive. And i at one point. I was going into a full-blown grandma seizure ten times a day from just things that i was eating or drinking so as you alluded to our win on that extended fast. That wasn't by choice but by necessity. Because i would drink some water. And i would go into a seizure and i got so weak that it was this negative feedback loop that eventually i was very lethal situation and so i had to was forced me to fast which is kind of interesting because it forced the innate intelligence to kind of do some work believe it or not even how dangerous and owns as much as i don't recommend it.

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