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One now you're in pre production on the new star trek serious the new series is actually serialised where one episode follows the next the setting is is ten years before kirk cling odds are still the enemy it has a little bit of the capitalism business but but it's it's india other and design of this stuff is just fabulous there's thirty years of interaction with fans of this franchise are those voices in your head yes i think those voices are in everyone's head involved with this show the expectation is high the desire to succeed is naturally very very high the importance of of cutting your own swath in the star trek universe is high even though there was no tv for a long time when dj relaunched the movie franchise of star trek i thought he was spectacular yeah so that's kind of the latest version of the franchise and that's what were aspiring to on the show because at the bars high and the amount of talent is very high at and the people are really really excited i remember how exciting this period in my life was and i am i can see it in all their faces looking forward to going back to work toward a year excitement totally powder you have worked on non science fiction chose as well over the years have you found that science fiction fans are different than fence of other types of others onerous i think there's genre fans.

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