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Support our rights one call at a time. Spacex says it has signed the first private moon traveler, the big reveal on who it is. And one the flight to the moon will be will be announced tomorrow. It's not the same mission plan that SpaceX founder Eli Moscow outline last year the original plan called for to paying passengers to fly around the moon this year using a falcon heavy rocket and a dragon crew capsule. The new strategy is still around the moon, but using an even bigger SpaceX rocket still in development that has its own dedicated passenger ship rich Thomasson reporting, British Prime Minister, Theresa may concedes, the she gets quote irritated by the debate over leadership during the difficult Brexit negotiations. She tells the BBC in an interview scheduled to be broadcast later today she's concerned for the country's future. But not for her own as talks about Britain's upcoming exit. From the European Union continue news and analysis at townhall dot com. Hi, Michael Harrington. Many inner city residents have poor health despite access to excellent medical care. Doctor Schneiderman tells us about a new approach to a city south talking Shelly chew of the Baltimore City. Health department spokesman world congress about about healthy Baltimore twenty twenty center for Medicare and Medicaid innovation. Funding, an experimental city wide computer network to coordinate medical services, social services and criminal Justice to respond to addiction violence, malnutrition, almost as if successful this model may be adopted by other cities, this is Dr Charleston reporting from Alexandria Virginia today of Sunday September the sixteenth birthday for some famous people, including actor Ed Begley junior. He's sixty nine years old today country singer, David Bellamy of the Bellamy brothers turned sixty eight baseball hall of Famer Robin yount is sixty three. Actress Jennifer Tilly has sixty candles on her cake and magician..

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