Port Richey, Shelby Neely, President Trump discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Retirement wealth advisers searchers in Pasco county confirmed their fears about the fate of missing woman. The Tampa Bay times reports that relatives have confirmed to the paper that a body found in the art of a port Richey home last week is that of twenty one year old Jamie events sick. She was the wife of triple murder suspect. Shelby Neely investigators believe Neely murdered events. Ex-father seventy-one year old Richard events. Sick. Her mother, Laura and brother nNcholas in the events, Tarpon springs home, Jamie event. Sick lived in the port Richey house with Neely and their two young children. Investigators won't comment on the positive identity of the remains found in port Richey, but have scheduled a news conference to discuss the case this afternoon. Sharon park. Newsradio nine seventy WFL a no lights. No helmet. No hope of surviving a crash on a scooter Saint Pete police say that a third hero man died after the not working scooter towed buying SUV got hit by a mini van on MLK junior street at about ten o'clock last night. They say the SUV made a left turn and the scooter trailing behind connected by a towing. Strap did not get through the intersection before the minivan hit the scooter had no lights on and the man riding no helmet on. He died later at a hospital. President Trump goes live in primetime tonight. His first every TV address from the Oval Office as he tries to make his case for a border wall. Some Democrats denounced the address as a publicity stunt, I expect the president to lie to the American people. Why do we expect this because he has been lying to the American people did president plans to visit the US Mexico border on Thursday, and is demanding five point seven billion dollars to build two hundred thirty four miles of wall over the weekend. The White House aspirin other seven billion dollars for more. Immigration, judges border agents, medical supplies and detention facilities Natalie brand reporting there, we'll have the address live on our sister station. Twelve fifty W H N Z at nine pm starting today. Most felons who've completed their sentences can get their right to vote restored under amendment four. David Allah is Forty-five. He's never voted. I lost my right to vote for flaws even eligible.

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