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Where the hormones really start to kick him. Oh, God. Yeah, I got that. You want me to close my curtains or something like that when I'm on the bike? Well, no, actually, quite the opposite. I went out and I got him some binoculars, and I was sort of hinting to him that he might want to check out what's going on across the street sometime, But here's the thing. I'm not exactly sure when to tell himto. Look, Do you have a certain schedule that you work out on certain days? Perhaps certain times. Okay. On a second. I don't need you to clarify what you just said, because to me, it sounds like you're encouraging your son to be some kind of weird Peeping Tom and spy on me while I'm exercising. Well, here's the thing. I mean, at that age, it's either this or he starts watching smutty movies on the Internet, and I don't allow that sort of thing in my house. But you think it's okay for him to completely invade someone's privacy by spying on them in their homes? You here you're well, no, but I mean, you don't seem to mind the attention. I mean, You are working out in your front window. I just assume you didn't care if people saw you. I care. They're spying on me with binoculars. I care about very much. Oh, okay. So I understand. Sorry for the confusion still. Listen, How about this? Is there any way that maybe you could just send a video to him? Maybe just saying, Hey, Happy birthday, J. J And then maybe, like 30 seconds of you riding the bike may be in that purple sports brought thing you had on the other day. Know what? How about this? How about I think you a video saying Hey there, I'm calling the police and you're gonna learn his lesson. That is creepy. Pervy old man is gonna go to jail because he spied a women in their home. How bout that? Okay, I could see here that I obviously crossed some sort of line. You think Okay, So let me just apologize here and you say I'm deeply sorry if I offended you. I mean, I hope this doesn't change the way we act when we see each other. Apparently you're seeing me in. You don't know It's not like that at all. I promise. I mean, I only think I saw you twice last week. I didn't even see anything going on Friday morning, when you're usually you know, doing it. Were you feeling okay that morning or oh, my God, That is not any of your business. Stop spying on me, Weirdo. It's so creepy. I definitely will do that. And again. I apologize for the other thing I was calling about with the neighborhood yard sale that's coming up now. Do you have anything that you wanted to contribute for the yard sale? Maybe some old clothes. Maybe. How about some old exercise outfit? Your bike shorts? Something like that. Okay? Okay. I guess that's a no. Then this's gonna be the best.

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