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You have to play the games but all things considered if the warriors play their best basketball offense defense and the rockets play their best basketball offense and defense in every game that's coming up the warriors will be victorious we're talking with one of the all time greats rick berry just you know one of those for funding as if you were coaching the rockets you would stand before the team and say this is how we're going to beat them we're going to do it this way what would you do say we have to we have to be prepared to play defense but everybody says no but that's what it is you have to be focused on it but they may say it but you gotta do it that you're not gonna play defense you're gonna have no chance the way you've got to play defense and you have to figure out are we gonna switch all of the screens that they're doing how are we gonna play how are we going to go up against them to do it or waiting to decide that we're going to stay home switch everything there are we going to make the trayvon agreeing to get twenty points or are gonna make somebody else have to score points to do it you have to make decisions or even a double if we're going to double how we where becoming comes obviously you can't eat clay you can't leave steph when double i mean that's an exit so hard to defend the warriors so they got to come up with the defensive plan that's going to work for them and not just hope that they're going to come down and jacked up forty or fifty threes and that they're gonna make their freeze and make more than the warriors and beat them at that game now they're capable of doing that because they're they they've got amazing talent as well but i don't think that they have the same kind of authentic talent that the warriors have we're trying to rick perry hall of famer on the gas line rick tonight we get game five of philly boston and i i think it's gonna be a great great game to watch i mean boston i think's gonna close them out there haven't been beaten yet at home in these playoffs i just kind of wonder what what do you think of of the celtics.

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