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Had to get that out of my system no problem okay thank you the mint julep popped up several times in margaret mitchell's gone with the wind it was mentioned in f scott fitzgerald's book the great gatsby as well so it kind of that elitism thing share oh absolutely yeah william faulkner said to have enjoyed a mint julep in his day on occasionally go behind the bar at a hollywood establishment and make his sounds like him and ernest hemingway was allegedly threw a glass against a wall to bar in france angry at the inferior quality of his drink shouting doesn't denny in this godforsaken country no to make a mint julep the story goes i highly i highly don't believe this to i doubt this story goes that some travelers from kentucky overheard the kerfuffle and pulled out a bottle of maker's mark i knew oh kentucky his travel bourbon in their bag and they told the bartender to get some fresh mint and then they whipped up the quote real deal fun story dono you know i love i love i love a good fairy tale i do as well but the men julep what is it well it's the official drink of the kentucky derby since after prohibition ended in nineteen thirty eight these days about one hundred and twenty thousand are guzzled at churchill downs on the day of the that's about ten thousand barrels of bourbon sixty thousand tons of ice and one thousand pounds of mints that's quite a lot is supposedly the founder of the derby one meriwether lewis clark junior planted meant for juleps onsite at churchill downs when he founded the track in eighteen seventy five and specifically the julep is this really simple cocktail of bourbon simple syrup and freshman served over crushed ice there's some disagreement in the ratios involved but usually it's between a two to one and four to one bourbon too simple syrup simple syrup if you're if you're.

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