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Sally's I'm Scott Sam's this is the K. R. L. the morning news thank you for being with us this morning news radio ten eighty KRLD traffic alerts we've got a real situation in Southeast forward is that right choice that's right Scott yeah it's been with us all morning long but just the the delays romaine westbound twenty remains closed at east loop a twenty four some emergency road repair not traffic is backed up from Cooper as well as on to north bound to eighty seven from sublet overall we're looking at about an hour and a half to lay that as you're being forced on the east loop you can take that to Sun Valley double back to continue west on twenty after all twenty second that backup Cooper seems to be your best bet north to either parkway or division depend on where your destination is that'll get you over to what used to be you get at south and then back to our twenty but again west on twenty remains close at Eastbay twenty four road repair with an hour and a half delay have another check on this in four minutes with traffic and weather together on the aids thanks joys for the second straight morning dozens of people are homeless after a fire destroyed their town homes this time in northwest Dallas care all these current Lewis has the update it's the second night in a row a multi alarm fire is done that this one was just past midnight at chase place a complex about a mile north of Bachman lake Dallas fire rescue says somebody just driving past the building saw the flames erupting from the roof and driver stopped and went door to door to alert everyone because of that they all got out safely before firefighters pulled up the fire crews protected half of the building but the other half is a total loss with caved in.

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