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Sports because I think to be honest. It's biggest bickering racing. You're in the green room every year when they do this part of the pre race. But there's a real popular part where all the former winners. Go by in convertibles, and, you know, there's AJ Foyt and Mario Andretti and Alan sir Rick Mears, that's going to be you writing in a convertible when your career is over. So I mean when you think about it, you pretty much have this is something you're going to still be apart of even when you're near seventies. How does that feel? It was pretty cool. That's night. When I got Rick Mears was one of the first, you takes me, what come to the club, then halio obviously antique K, when I live for the parade lap at the end Tacoma will like what come to the club it really get it then? And then she'll defend nice night was loosely in tears. Coding sending me messages and what comes to the club in. And again, you know we'd power, it's just amazing. Diaphragm katie's morning sent me a message is just amazing. Because these guys, I looked up to saying come Come to. to the club is quite special when again you completion dream is phenomenal. So, yeah, big great. When I have kids to tell them, hey, I did this be great for them to tell their grandkids. Hey grandpa did that whatever just great to be able to think that quite frankly, bussum far from done was my career. I just didn't he five. So I stayed of almost today. Kate of head of me. So I be here for wide Simon MU sort of led the development on the team in the offseason. What direction they went does that did that have a big impact on, on how your season started to turn around. We found several direction Noah suiting everybody so, but certainly it differently Hekmat ton. It's just great to be part of this team. Because it's a speed lab, and it creates an amazing equipment on the race track in old product that give you as a driver is, is, is, is. It's it's like a luxury watch. It's just perfectly done. It's Bren you every time you use it, you know, it's going to be reliable. It's just phenomenal. So thanks to them again. I wouldn't be here without Tim the winner of the twenty nineteen one hundred third Indianapolis five hundred mile race from age pronouncing that right? Just south of France, at least Penske racing Simon paschel and the IndyCar media, they're the are on race line radio. If his Sita Penske was in jeopardy before the five hundred it is not likely now. All right, Donna, let's work if other prints Dafa still the com- the Subaru race on Email trivia contests than our f one Canadian Grand Prix preview with Montreal zone. Sean star, lots of those, don't you dare go anywhere. This is the race line radio network. Yeah. This is not Jerusalem. You're listening to.

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