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Confirm Bill bar as attorney general he's bar confirmation insurance onto legs depending on the answers that he gets on the record. For the record. Could you be a yes? Vote for Bill bar, and what about some of your other democratic colleagues? I think I could be I think that you know, where to stage where we desperately need somebody who will truly stand up for the department as an independent institution. And I do think that he gave a lot of very good signals in that regard and has prior experience and his family's engagement with the department as you know, career a USA's and all of that put him in the right definitional category to be somebody who will stand up for the department. So again, you know, come the real pressures, and you know, Rush Limbaugh on the airwaves about you. And all that other stuff we've seen strong men fail in front of Trump's pressures before. So I wanna ask you about the legal argument about whether a sitting president can be indicted, but you said on CNN just recently that the quotas. We're certainly in a mode of moving toward indictment and charges of the president. What's what's your basis for that? In what? What's that? The question had to do with looking at the Muller investigation from outside and trying to figure out what status that is in. And there's been a little bit of press hysteria about how the investigations wrapping up. Oh, it's winding down over at the tail end of it, which seems to have very little factual foundation to it. And just now you have Rick gates asked to have his sentencing extended because he's cooperating believe in multiple investigation, and you have this heavily heavily redacted Manafort document, which as far as I'm concerned, the there's a rough correlation between the amount of reduction in the amount of continuing investigation. So I think the signals are that it's continuing, and I was in that answer trying to say where do I think they are in their investigation. And that is they are past the stage of there being a case here that's worth pursuing their deep into investigation and prepare. During charges and things like that. But from what I can see they don't have that critical piece of direct evidence that closes the case, they're still working in a large web of circumstantial evidence. So the we in that is putting myself into Muller's head and trying to think where his investigation has given everything we've learned and especially over the last week the New York Times story about the counterintelligence investigation that was launched by the FBI, the Washington Post story about the multiple about the ways in which Trump communicated with Putin with no record whatsoever. Even reading over notes. I mean, is it acceptable at this point to just wait. For Muller doesn't congress have an obligation to step up to the plate here and conduct its own investigation. As far as I can tell Senate Intel has not held a single public. Airing with any fact witness at all so that all the testimony has been concealed from the public. We don't know what they gotten. And if this investigation is going to go on for some time as you're suggesting is that okay with you, just we'll we'll just wait for Muller. You know, the argument could be made that you've outsourced your constitutional responsibility to a official in the executive branch who you who's told you nothing about what he's doing. I think there are some very important baseline questions that we need to answer that should have been answered already. Yeah. We're really exercise of proper congressional oversight instead of Republican congressional bend oversight, which is not good line. Not adequate. And just like, they're probably a lot of them. But just think of these two as kind of openers. We don't know to what extent this president has ongoing business relationships and transactions with Russian figures or Saudi figures for that matter. Right. And you saw how squirrelly bar got when I tried to ask him questions. One. Hearing you ask the Senator was are the president's foreign basically are the president's foreign business interests and entanglements a counterintelligence concern for the FBI and the answer is out for us. Well, the answer the answer, obviously ought to be. Yes..

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