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I think it would be. I mean more difficult. It would be more entertaining. I think you could get some fame being like the actress guy that yes so. That'd be great punch bay. Trump's support now only communicates at sketch. We'll all get into an argument with a significant other in the future. And i have to like furiously twisting knobs and then it just be later and they response. He really think that you're gonna find a significant other willing to only write down every conversation because you won't learn math like going into this relationship. We can only communicate by note pat. We can throw a telegram and they're right right. Yeah i think at some some lights the what is what does that morse code and light could do that. We could do that then. Hopefully they don't have a seizure like no one with vertigo. I don't think anybody would have to pay the. I really don't thinking morse code now. Probably not that's where the fifty fifty in a relationship relief swings the other ivy league. You're asking for like ninety nine point. That's exactly right and i don't talk a lot in general. So that's great. So it'll be non verbal communication that's whereas that. Yeah so that's great. Yeah i have a whole audio podcasts. That i don't talk in general. Let's dump but yeah. I think that would be talking. Obviously that's why podcast That's also why emma salesperson right i fucked. This is all terrible everything that i don't like i actually already do so as far as the talking. I'd rather great thing about the pandemic. You don't have to talk to anybody you can be alone. It's great you can put subtitles on and then be quiet the entire time. That's fine. But i lost where i guess so. I don't the whole like not talking in a relationship would be fine because then i can just be quiet and just exists. Next to a person. I think would be fine. I don't know we would have a very long relationship. Well it depends. How the sexes. I'm sorry i'm sorry. Like we're gonna talk and the sexist like so like this is getting a great deal. You know this but it's free can just be cool right and i should write your tinder profile. Will not speak. May learn. Morris code before learns. Asl will not have will have just mediocre sex and might get you. There might not who knows. He had low expectations. If.

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