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Visit us today remember own not for profit and insured by ncua now news on central south dakota's news leader twelve forty casey cr good afternoon the first kcp are i zayn kevin lar of the article and pedestrian accident occurred in pure wednesday afternoon at the corner of you clinton capital avenue according to the southbound highway patrol or two thousand unforced chevrolet tahoe driven buying sixty nine year old michael towels of pure was eastbound on capitol just before four p m turning left onto you glud the vehicle hit an unidentified ski border who was in the cross walk towels the knob receive injuries in the accident and was wearing his seatbelt charges against him are pending of already fouryearold pure man who was on it a final this time due to the marci's law was on and skateboard and taken by ambulance to the pierre hospital he received serious non life threatening injuries the highway patrol continues to investigate the accident other agents those on scene worthy pure police department the diversion of criminal investigation and the amur ambulance yes the four pierre national grasslands is encouraging the public to comment and review their recent stony butte project environmental assessment the project proposals the vegetation in recreational management on eleven thousand acres of the fort pierre national grasslands enlighman county just north of vivienne for pierre district ranger oh specialist darren jones says that the particular project proposals using prescribed fire and mowing to slow the expansion of exotic grasses and one of the biggest concern to the worker grassland an think tank in an increase and in and they of course then graf kuchma rome and kentucky bluegrass project geared at trying to help get more kuito fight cohesion graf in addition the project would funds off.

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