Unprecedented Challenge to Biden's Presidential Win Underway in Arizona


Nearly five months after the presidential election was certified in Arizona. An unprecedented challenge to President Biden's narrow win in that state is underway. On Friday, a private company began a hand recount of more than two million ballots in Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix. The audit was ordered by the Republican led state Senate and follows false claims by some Republicans, including former President Donald Trump of fraud in the 2020 elections. This audit is also interfering with the efforts by Republicans who control the Legislature to pass new voting legislation. Then Giles with member station Cage's joins us now from Phoenix. Hello. Lou. They can't seem to let it go. So tell us about this audit. How did it come about? Well. It started in December, when Republicans first demanded an audit of the election specifically in Maricopa County, the largest county in the state. Their original subpoena was to gain access to ballots and the county's voting systems. It was tied to an effort to try to upset Biden's victory before it could be certified by Congress. Maricopa County election officials, Democratic senators the State Democratic Party, They want nothing to do with this. They say. It's a sham run for conspiracy theorists by conspiracy theorists now that the election is over, and Biden is an office those Republicans are saying they just want to find any problems. If there are any so they can introduce bills to fix them. And here's a Doug Logan. He's the CEO of cyber in inches. Firm the Senate hired to run the audit, speaking about what he thinks is the purpose of the all this. There's a lot of Americans here myself included. That really bothered the way our country is being ripped apart right now, way want transparent audit be in place so that people can trust that the results something get everyone on the same

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