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AM nine seventy the end. So sponsored by twenty two Honda. Now, I was the other, you know, Arthur, maybe bring me one and I should avoid the Frank Sinatra avows aware like that caller that called you out before the show called remember that call about Frank Sinatra. I would've wore my Arthur ideal Frank Sinatra couplings, but so what I do when I'm on the road. And Lord knows I'm on the road constantly all us packing on Pango to hotel room. I go home for a few days. Stay with the kids. And then I started all over again. And now, these couplings are great they're blue and pink. And I love them, and they're great with a kind of a paisley kind of look when you put the pocket squaring. And I have a pink in kind of bluish. And now, I couldn't find these covering. So last night. I'm looking around I grab fine Decathletes. Now. I ready lost the other one of these. You know, it's. Dressing cow one day, just like go get a mohawk. Tommy bahama. I'm right Frank. You noticed Frank? Lately, I'm telling you. I'm just saying break. Always look sharp final charter revision commission hearing tonight. Now there wasn't. So are you accomplishing anything with this? Yes. I mean tonight. My hope is, you know, so they have all these hearings, and you have all these anti police protesters at all these hearings. Now, why what is that they want an elected civilian complaint review board with the power to punish the police. And so so far aside from these activists the only person they've heard from on the subject is me. So even one of the commissioners took me side after the hearings and says, you know, they've guys have sort of changed my view on. Yes. I'm hoping tonight has no no they've changed the other way because. Picture this all these black lives matter folks, all the folks in the socialist groups and everything and that's not my calling him. Socialist they call themselves socialist, urging an elected civilian complaint review board so picture. It's two hundred to one in terms of voices. Yeah. So far. I'm hoping Joe Borelli is going to testify tonight. I know he's gonna be in support of the police. I'm hoping that some other folks will come out and support the cops as well. Also because one of the Commissioner said why don't we just put it on the ballot which it's not even clear they have the legal authority to do. So I'm hoping more supporters of the police will come out to the college tonight and say we don't need to handcuff the police further. Additionally, they are likely to put on a question with respect to ranked choice voting which would be an important reform that I hope gets implemented. It is national police week. So we celebrate law enforcement everywhere posted that on my Twitter feed. So we always support if you're in. You know, one of the men and women of the NYPD. Thank you. Thank you jersey state police. We thank you Commissioner Neil doing such a great job current Callahan in jersey doing such great job at the New Jersey state police and all the local police officers who are doing such a great job. We celebrate national police weekend. Remember those lives lost in law enforcement. A Joe on the radio. There's a lot to get into today. Eight seven seven nine seven twenty nine ninety nine is our balance of nature phone line. Eight seven seven nine seven twenty nine and we're gonna go Anna brand is gonna join us momentarily for freedom were governor Murphy vetoes, what is this? What is about the scooters? What is? Governor Murphy signed electric, scooter regulation law right with that this Kuni regulate the speed of the scooters and things of that nature. The sensible thing have you ever if you're in Europe. That's all they have. When you're. In france. And then you hear this. El Chapo, the way is all over the place. So so I don't hear that in New Jersey. Is there something that should be regulated? Well, I think so. Major bikes scooters and stuff I think should be regulated because they don't they don't obey the laws half the time. These people look we had a woman on fifty seventh street in New York. She was hit by a bicyclist and ended up dying shell pay. Say they are supposed to obey the same as a car. Okay. So and they don't and they're racing by and they're causing lots of problems, according to the new legislation motorized scooters bikes that go twenty miles per hour slower now governed by the same rules as bicycles when it comes to all right? So this is Murphy is doing. Out everybody. Thing that he wants he wants to return the positive known and go to the news. I don't care. Now this. Bring back the the property rebate to middle class. But guess what the middle class for him? It's seventy five thousand if you make seventy thousand you're not gonna pay for that with a millionaires tax. No part of it is what a millionaire texting guess what he's gonna do in three years when everybody's getting that property revenge. Oh, we're going to raise the taxes. Another tax. Here's a property taxes, cut them. Cut them. Don't give these false rebates and all this nonsense. It's also cut taxes jersey, New York and non California people moving out seven thirty three Joe on the radio AM nine seventy answer. And we're coming right back. You know, we got a lot get to get into. And again, you could call eight seven seven nine seven twenty nine nine nine to a balance of nature phone line Annan, Brandon will join us the president of freedomworks. He was there at this great event last night and on I have to reiterate it and talk about it because I've never seen the word that was exciting Republican that they don't really go hand in hand this. Was an exciting. We publican event and you have to give NGO catch Matiz for doing a great job as head of the Manhattan. GOP? Great job last night. We'll get into it with that. When we come back seven thirty four big outstanding by not on his scooter. But he's got the news live and local on nine hundred seventy the answer..

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