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People who clicked to schedule one were brought to a page that stated due to high volume appointments cannot be made at this time for this location. Please try again later. No word on any comment from the governor's office or the State Department of Health. Now it's the fall out following former President Donald Trump's acquittal yesterday in the impeachment trial. Maine Senator Susan Collins says former President Trump Hey, said the stage for the storming of the capital with a steady barrage of false claims about a stolen election. My vote In this trial stems from my own oath and duty to defend the constitution of the United States. Collins was one of seven Republicans who voted to convict Trump for inciting an insurrection of the capital on January 6th. The Senate acquitted Trump because it did not have a two thirds supermajority vote in favor. One person is dead and another is fighting for his life after crashing into a park city bus in the Bronx late last night. Police say the car plowed into the back of the bus, which was parked at a bus stop on Barto Avenue near Coop City Boulevard in co op city. It around 11 30 passenger in the car was killed the 20 year old male driver transported to a nearby hospital in critical condition. The driver and two passengers on the bus. Well, they sustained minor injuries. They all refused medical attention at the scene. Cause of the crash under investigation, and the news is brought to you by Dr Lieberman's radiosurgery, New York called two and two choices. For more information and listen, the doctor leader Min's Radiosurgery show It's up next right here on 7 10. W O R Here's your W O R Weather channel forecast the high on this Sunday hitting 37 Under cloudy skies a light breeze continues out of the north and it will be cloudy tonight with a low 31. There may be some white freezing rain.

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