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Little build with technical issue this morning, So apologize about that. We think we're shipshape moving forward here and apologize to Ray. We went Teo, You want to chime back? You're more than welcome. 877337 66 66. Let's head up, Tio. My neck of the woods, Stamford, Connecticut. Beautiful Stanford. It's been It's the fan. What's going on, Ben? Hey, guys, How you doing? Great show. So obviously frustrated with last night's performance for 15 with runners in scoring position, you know we're dead last with runners in scoring position. But you guys talk about you know how bad the Mets are. We actually are the best in baseball. We have the best batting average per team are best on base percentage. Um, we have the number one hits per game. But this been there. The O P s. I got this from Tim Britain this morning. This is the best o PS in Metz franchise history. They say it runs in. Yes from bank. They're changing the approach approach. When runners are in scoring position, it is why they're tight. I mean, that's the other way to put it. I mean, when they feel the pressure that They understand They're not hitting with runners in scoring position. One point of time they're hit 1 72 rollers talks about being You know, maybe you're a little extra jumpy. You're looking to try and do something a little bit more. You realize the team struggles, whatever it might be. It's all it's all based on individuals as well. I mean, not not every single individuals, every single batter has the exact same approach. So Yeah, it's it's really overtaken the team, so yeah, you could terms of, you know, I don't know. I think I think they're tight. I don't know if it's me. You wanted to find his mental toughness or you want to define it as something that's kind of It's overtaken the team. It's been a story in the 1st 28 games or last six. They can't hit with runners in scoring position, but there, but they're a good hitting team. That's that's what I know. That's what makes it so frustrating. But how many rooms do you have your 12 and 16 team? That's what the Mets are. You could look at the stats and say, Okay, well, great to get guys on base. It doesn't mean anything if you don't score runs Sure over 12 16 right. We've had seven games where the difference has been either one or two run right? If we could have had if we hit that just an average level with runners in scoring position, we probably being 18 and nine right now. Listen, we could say the same thing about about you know if Edward Diaz had given up 15 home runs in the ninth innings last year, could say the same things if they had just sort some some runs for the Graham and his, you know, first Cy Young season. There's always those things bends we can point to, and I think the frustration is that the at bats are actually good, except when the runners in scoring position and all of a sudden Approach changes swinging at everything. And you know you have two rookie pitchers shut you out last night, you know, and to work E pictures. Excuse me started both games. Shut you out in the first one hour rain delay. The guy comes back in How How often does that ever happen in Major league baseball These days? We get an hour rain delay and the team actually throws the starting pitcher back in there. Doesn't happen. Appreciate your call that gotta talk about Seth Luego, but first Ray in water Berries back. Hey, Ray, how are you? Hi, guys. Thanks for give me another shot. Now that's really impatient. Starting from the announcement that the ground wasn't pitching one of those double header games plus Ah, not pitching against the Yankees. I mean, it took the air out of the honor their sales, you know, just Got off to a bad start. And then you're letting Sanchez back when you have backup catchers. You know, you got two extra backup catchers with the expanded roster for the doubleheader. He's up with the bases loaded. You gotta strike even and shit early when you're not scoring runs, you know, And then he let Luke go. You pull the master after three innings given another inning. You know he's failing along, you know. That's not really stretching them out. You know? Well, they only had him they only wanted to use him for three innings. That's really what should have been the minds that they didn't want tohave him go up down up down more than three times when that is not part of his repertoire of what he's been used to doing as a reliever. So instead of what the Mets should have really done Instead of guesstimating that it would take 52 55 pitches to go through three innings. What they should have done is basically said we have luego for three innings. They set the expectations for people when they said 50 to 60. So then he gets pulled with that 39 the guys cruising. You're wondering Well, what's going on here? Turns out that was never gonna happen. You know? Luego said afterwards that he was fine with it. He understood it. And you could almost tell most of the post game that RoHaas He seemed almost anguished by it like, even if he knew he obviously understands what he had in Luego and how he was going in that, you know, Luego most likely could very easily handled another inning of work easily could've handled another inning. But This was pre determined and it goes to the heart of the matter of whether or not this is the best role for luego. If he's going to be on such tight restrictions, and we don't know the next start feel if the leash will be longer. But it was a curious decision this late in the season. Teo say that he's going to go with starting rotation is a desperate decision. We know that I mean they were desperate. They had nowhere else to turn. So that's why they decided to finally give in to Lugo's requested finally go back into the starting rotation. Now, the question is, how do you? How do you judge the innings? Where do you think you're going to get the best use, even though Luego wants to be there? And you don't have a lot of other viable options to be in that starting rotation. Where do you view? Lugo's innings is being more valuable? Manning the Magi the three innings that he got last night or luego being available, You know, three games or three games over a course of Ah, six or seven game period where maybe you can use him six innings during the course of those three games. I mean, that's something where the Mets obviously felt like they were going to be. They needed him. Maurin that starting rotation, you're right. The curious nature and reeking of desperation is to do it at this stage when they could have done it earlier, when they could have maybe given into his request on the course of the offseason, instead of signing both Porcello Wacha and mates that luego a starter and then maybe added another bullpen arm or two outside of Della Betances. In the off season to try and strengthen that weakness and make great use of what I believe is the second best pitcher on that met team in luego and putting him into the rotation so that I don't know what's he going to be available next time you want to say Okay, Well, he's available for four innings or 70 pitches or 65. Whatever. I mean, what are we going to get from Seth? Luego. Next go around, But, yeah. It was, Yeah, That's where the Mets get themselves into trouble instead, guesstimating the amount of pitches that Lugo's gonna need to get through three innings..

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