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The connections and going to Vegas is in the sale and owned by medallion and haven't done and my race are worse than you think. Wow, how cool would that be for the industry to reach that many people in the ownerships groups if she happens to win? And oh, by the way, it'll probably help with some appreciation and how you have that takes place. And there's so many horses that were proud that we had to kind of single out a few of them. We got to graduate like domain who's short odds has been remarkable in virtually every start. So there's an off awful lot of opportunities and a lot of rooting interest. But if I get one home I only get to get one home I'd have to say I'll take a few days to devil. Yeah. It would be fantastic to see her get the victory there and she certainly is talented as they come. Mark Cassie joined us on our breeders cup countdown show earlier this week. He told the fantastic story about got stormy. That was really cool. Then you have stiletto boy who this past week on my trainer talk show, which is presented by facing tipton. I had the chance to welcome stiletta boys trainer Ed Moser junior and he's a he's a wonderful person. This is his first breeders cup starter, Boyd, as I'm sure you're aware. And it would be wonderful to see stiletto boy pull off a victory. He's going to be a long shot in the classic, but he was purchased by Ed's brother Steve out of the July selected horses of racing age sale at phasic tipton and Steve wasn't even there. He was doing it from his home in Washington state and he was bidding online, Boyd. It's a wonderful story and great people and it would be fantastic if stiletto boy runs well. Sure. That's the great thing about the breeder chef and honestly about the industry. We don't ever know where the next great horse is going to come from. It might come from modest breeding. It might come from a very wealthy one billionaire who has spent a lot of money to achieve success. Mike come from guys like you and I that have thrown together and Ken that was the guy and bought a horse or we just never know. And that's the beauty of it. And that's what keeps the dream alive for everybody and makes it such a wonderful sport and a wonderful game. Very well said. He's Boyd browning president of phasic tipton again he is going to be back at Lexington because he's got to get ready for that phasic tip to night of star sale. Coming up on Tuesday here in Lexington, Boyd really appreciate the conversation as always best of luck with the breeders cup runners and best of luck with the sale next week. Keep it rolling. Thank you, Mike, we're going to our very best, you know that. All right..

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