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Protect your child's future at every stage of life go to safercargovtherightseat that safercar dot gov slash therightseat a message from the national highway traffic safety administration and the ad council do you wanna talk about what volume on my life i'm talking about bollworm i'm talking about content i thought he by his relationship i love you by god but that won't happen view on them the result she told them with bradley jiri wbz news radio 1030 wbz newsradio 1030 good evening to you folks good morning i should say it's kinda mid now getting there is getting into the weekend you're gonna see some storm activity wind and rain maybe even mixing with snow and in some inland areas he might get all snow so there's that be on the lookout for that till then wednesday and thursday fifty two in forty two partly cloudy very nice so at open lines you can talk about anything you want in the meantime i haven't told you a travels during a longtime where al ask you where where you would like to what would you like me to tell you about i'll tell you i should give you a list i can't remember which was have told you which ones i haven't so let me just run through some of the possibilities what would you like to hear about i'd love travel things on tv there's this i told you this sean china i've watched fourtimes now so i know what it's like to hear good travel stores.

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