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Places some more memories can be made for generations to come visit world wildlife dot org ABC traffic in transit traffic delays tonight in the crossfire parkway a crash closing the two left lanes southbound approaching northern Boulevard causing a half hours delayed because of the level of art accidents still closure then work with a serious crash involving a pedestrian under investigation itself them of the Nassau expressway that's rolled traffic is being taken off the socks personally to the Kennedy expressway to get down to you at Kennedy airport the ones which have to run on the George Washington bridge no delay no problem right down for the count of the Republican tunnels alternates on parking rules will be in effect for Friday downed power cables in Hackensack New Jersey roof seventeen subject to closure on the southbound side of preaching summit Avenue having delays for massive street all lanes open on route four crash cleared westbound on the George Washington John Rogers talk radio seventy seven WABC world world world seventy seven ABC the moment itself April twelfth eighteen sixty one but I learned from a wonderful and swimmingly detail eighteen sixty one civil war awakening by Adam good.

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