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Nor government to vent world questioning choi in laugh he'd been seeing for such a long time that they were going to come for us and then they did they came and they did exactly what he said it would this or he said they were going to do one of the reasons that the branch davidians started together estimated by the atf was because one day a deliveryman for ups delivered a box of grenades two david karash and the brock's broke open the investigation involved suspicion of firearms offenses as well as potential physical and sexual abuse of minor children the fbi underestimated the charismatic control david correct had over this david koresh was training soldiers for god these were religious zealots on february 28th federal law enforcement moved in to raid the compound hear some grumbling coming i'd addis they were never able to determine who really shot that first shot during the melee someone inside the compound called 911 phenomenon with your merging for every five ralf are building their shooting out argun not grovel gone their children of women in here on the call it off three three we did lose the call a call back and got hold the crash dwight could argue even for creative director burt a guy that in kilter with mike who burnt with your water to target so can you gotta try to be beaten track me people will all the time after a few hours the shooting stopped four federal agents and six branch dividians were dead but the raid had failed to flush the davidians from their compound ceilings this is not over when a cop comes down it's a freeforall want revenge we to pay backless go regroupings to finish this thing the standoff lasted for days and weeks in the situation began to grow desperate on both sides the main focus was on the children dave in the mountain to budge we would.

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