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And here is a winner up on national radio olive oil award michel sabbah and all right so a muslim imigran i have to say moslem an immigrant i'm sorry i mean there's no other way to talk about the subject welcome to the program tried to kill a lot of people today with a homemade pipebomb luckily was and moron and it didn't hurt anyone but him and if you are the people and he's being treated him bellevue hospital and giving interviews i'm sure he'll beyond the various television shows i am sure that the same shows that banish michael savage won't have him on would love to have the terrorist on just the way the world is today it's upside down but you know i saw a story about a florida man who put bacon in a mosque and broke the mosques when those terrible things to do but he was sentenced to fifteen years in prison the moron left bacon in a mosque in florida and broke the mosques window and they through the book adam i'm getting fifteen years because the socalled councilon on socalled americanislamic relations wanted him fried because they said that there is a an epidemic of hate crimes against mosques and muslims well uh why is it then that the killer of cates finally got zero and walked out of the courts smiling while amana left bake in a mosque and broke some windows got fifteen years just a side note you know the issue here is immigration and i don't want to talk about sexual harassment the getting so crazy now it sought to keep up with now they blame they said larry king groped somebody can you believe this week his he he five his old some just got fired at the new yorker larry king accused of groping his fingers went into the idol you wanna read this it's sickening the exwife of eddie fisher she 63 she said she was grow by larry king and o5 i don't know if he did that but i have to ask you something if you have severe arthritis can you actually groep and she said that the um groping left with scars that could explain the uh for it i mean that makes plain what i wanna just advocates have you have arthritis your fingers a rigid and so.

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