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Did through queens getting word of a wreck on the westbound long island expressway at the clear view at knocks out two lanes it back into aso a county eastern long island expressway also very tough from right around casino boulevard grand central not without issue eastbound grand central coming down to jewell avenue there's a wreck there is a lay knocked out we're slow from what wardi of getting into the area to the bronx wagner we've got a west rental wreck near one hundred thirty three couple of williams or not doubt eastern also very tough from wide off of the are bridge here's where he needs an old out the bridges and tunnels inbound george looks good up and down the west side highway loading up those are there's no good answer get over to the downside of george lincoln through thirty five in fifteen out holland fifteen in thirty to forty on from other canal or varik street that now this method running low on this stuff you need time for a target one everyday low prices on every day essentials like milk toothpaste in diapers targeting one and dawn i'm greg rice or next report at fifty 551 on ten wins news time 542 new details this afternoon on the gunmen who shot and killed new york city police officer meal satis familia who is sitting in the front seat of a police vehicle writing in her notebook when the killer strode up strolled up to her window and opened fire and the fordham height section of the bronze last night alex sander bonds did not have the great reputation in the neighborhood where he most recently lived it's a residential area some people say he kept bad company hung out in front of the delhi ever last night they are drinking beer but it was at another delhi not far from his home where police say he shot and killed officer media sodas familia she was in a vehicle at that location because shootings have been occurring they're sources say bonds came out of the delhi put his hoodie over his head when over to her vehicle and opened fire bonds was paroled in 2013 after serving time for an armed robbery in syracuse new york his record dates back nearly twenty years and includes an assault on a cop in queens julia poppa ten ten wins.

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