Donald Trump, China, Madonna discussed on AP 24 Hour News


The announcement comes after rival dime. La announced Monday that it aims to make all of its passenger 'cause carbon neutral by twenty thirty nine Madonna says her show will go on and that she will never stop playing music to suit, someone's political agenda. That's in response to calls for her to cancel her appearance. Boycott this year's Eurovision song contest in Israel, but Donald federal heartbreaks every time she hears about the innocent lives. Lost in the region. And that she praised for quote, a new path toward peace. The Palestinian led boycott movement against Israel has urged artists to skip this week's Eurovision in Tel-Aviv in a statement at accused Madonna of art washing and urged her to cancel. China trade and farmers. I'm Tim Maguire with the AP news minute. The escalating trade war between the US and China causing real concerns on American farms, Ohio farmer. Brett Davis says he and others are losing tens of thousands of dollars because of the tariffs one out of every three rows of soybeans that we raise here in America ends up halfway around the world and China President Trump tells reporters before he left for Louisiana. He's confident in reaching deal with China. You wanna know something you wanna know something we always with his administration is prepping another twenty five percent tariff on another three hundred billion dollars in Chinese goods, including many household items and clothing sources say the Senate intelligence committee as an agreement for a private interview with Donald Trump junior ending the fight over previous subpoena, the president's oldest son. He's expected to meet with the committee for up to four hours in the middle.

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