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Okay they're terrible for a business for so many reasons which we could have a whole episode about that but i think what happens is we lose some of that pitching in and we get comfortable with that's not my responsibility that's franks responsibility over in customer support our you know i know this customers right in front of me right now and they're saying they have a problem and i actually know how to fix the problem but it's not my job to fix the problem my job is to pass them to the person who can and that attitude becomes a cancer in organization and it grows to where nolan's taking responsibility so i do think that the ideal is everyone's involved in customer experience and everybody recognizes the contribution they make to creating those remarkable customer experiences but if you have to do it with a smaller team to kind of get the wheels greased into get things going that's certainly an acceptable approaches well so there's another famous saying of the customer is always right and i talked about jay baron hug your haters customer service books and turning a complaint into an opportunity and not necessarily a new turn of phrase but i was always more attracted to the saying that the customer is not always right the right customer's always right and a lot of times what i see as being sort of pawned office customer service or customer retention is actually the fight to keep a client or customer that actually isn't really aligned with your business how how problematic is that in the system.

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