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Self preservation and that is an act of political warfare and i want to bring this back to the beginning when you talked about the decision in knowing that organizing on the street is not gonna be This not what was going to be act of resistance And then to talking about the cost of resisting the cost of the actual Organizing and being on the ground Emotionally because you doing hard work organising You're doing hard work telling other people to care for this thing that is so close to you. That is so real to you. That stories are the people that looked like you. And you're trying to convince other people to care about then to do something about it. The cost as well of the time to organize the time. Like you said That you were able to do some of the things that you did in the summer because you wind employed and because you had that time to think about resourcing other people and that in itself going back to all this Caring for yourself knowing. What radically knowing when to step back knowing what things to put off from the to-do list that is also not self in that is to of warfare. And i think that is something that's so profound for listeners who might be overwhelmed and also emotionally tired of seeing constantly being triggered and feeling like that constantly fight fighting to be seen in to to be valid to be humanized to beloved I don't even know if i have a question in here. I just was reflecting and some of what you had said In thinking about the cost of organizing and realizing that self-care too is an act of political of people. If you need validation to know that self care is Self-preservation is an act of political warfare and button itself to his resistance. One of the other thing is that have come out from this period is we've seen lots of statistics..

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