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What are some of these other artificial intelligence, so wonderful programs that value your injury, claiming they offer you, and they said that's all we can do because that's all that's all in the limits of I have that's all the authority. I have policy limits might be five hundred thousand dollars. But I can only offer you four thousand three hundred twenty two dollars. How did they come to this number? Now, we're talking about these computer programs. There's other ones there's other programs. One was called ace AC that was state farm advanced claims excellence stood for advanced claims excellence. These computer programs are advanced claims excellence to save money on claims if you have if you have as an insurance company four point four million claims, and you save a thousand dollars or five thousand dollars or ten thousand dollars on each claim what he got. But it have. Kinda mind Barinas an all right. So there was another program called as there was another one. Con internal program that was finally discovered called ready. Bring back a billion bring back a billion. So when insurance company I won't give their name suffered major catastrophic claims payouts in California on earth quake coverage and they needed money back in their company and their CEO came up with a new program called bring back billion because they paid out over two billion dollars on the catastrophic earthquake damages in claims and they need so they bring back a billion. We brought bring back a billion through our claims adjusting. So that's another way that they attack your claim. And so not only do you face the attack that they want forums that you're not supposed to give. They want information from you. They're not going to give you information. But then when they finally get your relevant medical records. They input it into these artificial intelligence programs, and here you go. And I think they often ask for your social security number because it looking for any opportunity attack you whether it's through medical bills medical records. They can find something your background limit them from having to pay claim trying to find it. Whether they're Gary wasn't there sometime in the past. There was a book called from Boston. Good hands, the boxing gloves about, you know, one of these insurance companies that there was a book called something. Like are you in good hands, boxing gloves, one of part of it dealt with McKinsey and company in the college program. We're talking about these artificial intelligent programs. Right. Okay. There was another program called quest for gold. My goodness, folks. Come on. You've been injured in a car accident. Your next has been hurting for nine months. Now, the doctor says you need injections. This was not your fault, and they got some kind of artificial artificial intelligence program value in your claim, and they don't even input half the words in the words, they're doing put down downgrade the value of your claim, and maybe some dozen it doesn't even considered. I just read you the concussion part, the the mild traumatic brain injury, the moderate traumatic brain injury. If you were hit by a blunt object, the programs don't even consider it. Good. Bye. Hello. Right. So you can you can win this war. So once we pulled back the curtains, and we see behind the scenes, we can do this. We talked about the as program and somebody's insurance. These companies finally got sanctioned and some of them got sued. And one of them. I don't think you'd believe it. But one of his USAA there's a class action in Montana. Because and part of the the class action and Martina the lawsuit.

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