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So, you know, you're heartbroken by that. But he has their number. And you're you have a day. I think my day is already planned. I don't know when it is. Okay. I'm not following. I'm going to pass. Oh, you don't already planned. I think it's already. It is. I don't know. Would it? Be people shovel evil snowblowers people have heart attacks. Really? And then the plows plow all that hurts. Yeah. That's the roughest part. That's if you're if you try to and it's just so sad is he people suffer from that? And just going out there trying to clean their property, and then they turn around and have a heart attack in a sad story about a lot of the overdo it, and we don't realize we're overdoing it because we want to get it done. A lot of us once we're out there. We want to get it all done because we don't want to have to come out again. If it's the only exercise you're getting then, you know, that's not good. No, exactly exercise daily. So I feel like I can do a little bit. But I don't even attempt. Well, first of all a couple of years ago. We finally decided we're not going to raise the roof anymore, which I'd done for the last twenty five years because our house wasn't insulated enough, and we had the ice dams and all that stuff we've had damage in the house. So last year, I think it was we said, okay. This is over I'm done. I'm retired. I'm not going out there on a snowstorm and raking the roof. And so we had the house buttoned up, really good. And we don't get that problem anymore. So you gotta know when it's time, you know, and I've got a nephew. Thank goodness who has plow. And he does the majority of the driveway and really, and I just take my time doing the rest. I don't have any other place to be the only place. I have to be is Sunday afternoons on T R Y. Between the two of you're plugging your shows. I would never plug my show on your show. I'm committed to you Joe for the love of sports on Fox Sports nine eighty Sundays at eleven AM. The dry heaves on it here. When I hear these other stations pop up, it's tough. We come from an era where you didn't talk about competition. You didn't talk about the competition other trying to sneak everything in, but the Catholic. Shame boss the competition wasn't owned by the same people. Yeah. Right. These people are having a competition in here. We're family Joe Hamilton. Right. Anyway. Well, so then today today is what Saturday. Yeah. It's january. Twentieth. Skin tonight, the free ski you go into the afternoon. Yeah. No. I'm not going Adamski. But I mean, if you do French fry pizza before you what does that mean? I don't understand that in. What is pizza before your French fry me? Okay. So you have skis. Yeah. The slow down. You have to make the shape of a pizza so you cross pizza, and then when you got what speed you French fry so open open, and you got to French fries on your to French fries. And then when you want to slow down your pizza. So pizza before you French fries. That joe. That's how you memorize things. Isn't it? Glad.

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