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Boris johnson was so keen on an eu official want businesses have welcomed this display of cabinet unity and effort but what is still hard to see is how substantive any negotiations with third parties can be when they and we still have no idea what our future relationship will be with the eu the time to answer that question continues to take away rescue and recovery efforts are resuming in the capital of sierra leone freetown where more than three hundred people have died because of mudslides and flooding officials fear many more bodies are still buried under tons of debris president ernest baikoroma has appealed for calm and urged residents of free time to stay away from the affected areas an estimated three thousand people have lost their homes john james works for unicef f in sierra leone you told us it was distressing seen when i was there the feelings are very very raw lots people clearly traumatized by the events is going your psychosocial support needed a in the coming days and you know relative suit their hair angry about what happened coming to the scene tried to look for their loved ones and sadly often it's just all these that are coming out very few survivors epa still some people have been coming out state media in north korea's as the country's leader kim jongun will monitor the actions of the united states before deciding whether to fire any missiles towards the us pacific territory of guam the official kcna news agency said mr kim had been fully briefed on the military's plans it quoted him as saying they were ready to act should america persist in his recklessness south korea's president moon jaein has said his government would prevent war at all costs india's prime minister narendra modi is led celebrations marking the seventy th anniversary of his country's independence from britain in a speech in delhi he said he wanted to transform india into a prosperous and technologically advanced nation the creation of india and pakistan in nineteen forty seven led to more than a million deaths and the disk placement of some fifteen million people from dili are south asia correspondent justin relit reports india woke to in the words of the country's first prime minister hope and freedom at the red for seventy years ago today the union jack was lowered for the last time to be replaced with the indian and flag this morning the country's current prime minister mr mody spoke from the ramparts of.

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