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These days have not been evaluated by the food Drug administration. Nice job, man. Gary found the clip, although he says the us refers to in the context to the news rather than Democratic Party. But we'll give it a listen and see what it sounds when we were talking about yesterday. The Choctaw be worse. Iraq head or do you wanted to start right with what you're talking about take hand? Jeff. But nothing a little bit of extra. Oh, the clip. Yeah. Yeah. A little bit. Why not sure? So please the problem is the problem is the fake news problem anytime anytime that somebody gets something so spectacularly wrong and everybody piles on it furthers the narrative that this is yet another American institution that the people of our country can't trust. That's the problem with the vice feed story. No, it is an as we've got to remind people that there are people that want to explain this. They want to see us be put this way, and they're just doing it for exploitation purposes. So let's not give him the initial anyway. Thank you for today. You gave me. Munition by binding on the story. Yeah. It's it's also we're living in interesting times. Where you go. Buzzfeed drops a fake story. You all jump on it. Like ravenous dogs. And then you claim that they wanna see us go down. So let's not give them a reason. And then they do it again that afternoon, right? The Indian the Covington high school kids, they do it again a few hours later. Yeah. So what is the narrative that's being promoted with this is some narrative, or is it something that you guys do time that the pro it's kind of interesting because if you want to kind of look at the filter that it's life sort of pastures like they had the big March for life thing. And that's trouble. You can't have religious people being against abortion. That's a that's a big issue. So it's funny that kind of set the table with that with the Mike Pence stuff and wife's working at the Christian school, and they've outlawed gays and k parents and transgendered kids. So they kind of like set the table with it. And then they kind of. Brought it home with the Indian guy in the maga- hat kid. And all that now, obviously. The the thing. That's crazy. About the reporting is there's plenty of blame to go around. I mean, there's a women's March, and they're up there talking about divesting from Israel. And it's like I thought this was a women's March. When did it turn into a anti-israel March, which is an interesting theme like hell, the women's movement is also turned into some sort of semi anti semitic or anti semitic Jew. But the news outlets aren't that interested in that aspect of it? It is funny when they have to kind of. It. It's funny when they get it wrong because when they get it wrong. They usually just go. Oh, there's more news or it's taken. Another twist like it's the funniest thing is like when they'll do like the. What's it, by the way, it's happening so fast even know it like there was a story a few weeks ago?.

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