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Federal covid relief funding. To combat gun crime. You're never more than 15 minutes away from today's top stories on Arizona's news station to our news, most of us who travelled or the summer look forward to it right, Especially this summer. It's hot, and we coming off a year of virtually no travel for most of us, So this is going to be an awesome summer vacation, right? Maybe not. If you're taken to the air. There are going to be fewer American Airlines jets flying this summer American, which is Sky Harbor. Largest carrier, announced plans to cut hundreds of flights over the next three weeks to avoid overloading its operations. That's because demand for summer air travel is rising faster than they expected, and the Texas based carrier says Uh, those cuts could average 50 to 60 flights a day the rest of June, maybe between 50 and 80 a day in the first half of July, Um, that is potentially more than 1% of Americans schedule. Yesterday. They scrubbed about 130 flights by late afternoon central time, according to tracking service Flight aware the union that represents American Airlines pilot says they failed to quickly enough retrained 1600 pilots who had been sidelined last year or replace some of the 1,001,000 pilots took early retirement. I'm guessing this is not going to do a whole lot by the way. The curb passenger frustrations. Um, we have seen in recent months of people traveling or don't want to travel with a mask, right? Uh, I'm hoping it doesn't cause people to do some of the stuff that the FAA has decided. They should be hit with multi $1000 fines for though did you see this yesterday? A passenger on a flight out of Phoenix on its way to Hermosillo, Mexico, Um, got agitated. It was a SkyWest flight on January 20th when he found out that they were going to return to Phoenix because of bad weather south of the border. He apparently kind of went on a bit of a rampage. Um, not as bad as some other people who have been accused of assaulting flight crew, Uh, drinking alcohol they carried aboard refusing to wear masks, but the one fine for this guy on this, Uh, flight as SkyWest flight to Maceio $19,000 proposed fine. Wow, There is a lot of air rage this year, though there is, And is this going to help Because that I'm wondering how Americans going to handle this, so they're going to decide? Are they going to wake up in the morning ago? Okay. We're going to cancel this flight this flight. This flight in this fight, or are they going to cancel it in advance? Still, it's going to mess with some people's travel plans. And, um, you know, if you're by the time you board a plane finally to get where you're going, if it's going to be later than you expected, or you went through a giant hassle, man, you're going to take it out. On your fellow passengers. Some people are anyway, I'm not going to. I'm not flying this summer. I'm just opened Flagstaff still there when I get when I drive up the flag with the family here in in July, right, Um, and it doesn't look like that Fire. It's near flag is going to burn into flag by any means. But who knows? Uh, but I'll tell you people are going to be burning up in the skies. This summer. I just hope it doesn't boil over and and cause a serious serious incident. Maybe these FAA fines are going to calm people down a little bit, but probably not. When you get drunk, and you're just mad when you're on an airplane, you take it out on everybody around you. It's 7 18, now at K T A. R. To our news tech tip. A new APP is connecting Arizonans with disabilities to inclusive activities and the community. The disability Resource Connection. APP is a combination of resources and community events from more than 45, Arizona disability organizations and agencies. I mean, it's absolutely amazing, and it has Mom's like Michelle Thorne. Grinning from ear to ear. Thorn is the mother of two Children on the autism spectrum, as well as the executive director of one of the organizations featured. She explains the possibilities that an app like this creates. What we're hoping is that the disability resource connection really opens that up and makes it easy for parents to see that their kids can participate in sports. They can go do water activities at the lake. The full calendar of events shows a wide variety of activities designed to be inclusive. You can download the app now from the APP store or Google play by just typing in DRC, az or heading.

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