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And not having anticipated built enough facilities to take care of the or is is and has here. We go this is like the roads. The roads in colorado have not kept up with the growth in colorado. You only have to drive them to know that that's a fact. Yeah has emerson knows involved in planning and throwing oodles of money at it. Yeah we still need to jam roads not to go off in the cheer on roads so to speak but let's just take that same example in apply to healthcare have lean not expanded our health care facilities in this kelly seriousness or even well. Maybe but it's certainly. We're talking about learner right now but we not expanded our hospital facilities. We take care of the girls in the number of people we have here. I don't know that that is a problem. You say yeah brooklyn mass on. Everybody doesn't even help. Because it shows that people who were vaccinated can transmit the virus he even though they may not have it in masks may or may not help. Because we don't get the night in ninety five minutes with rains cloth master more of a fashion statement than anything else. I'd i'd put my little Purchase overlooked like there to rob a seven which you would never ever do. All right do myself. I mean this is helping. So i don't think so has been that's been the problem. All the way through for the past eighteen months is The seemingly capricious application of guidance and mandates coming down and unfortunately it appears to be rather arbitrary. So is there any question as to why many of us are just scratching our heads and is there any question as well as to well there is resistance afoot. All right to be continued. John clark or voice of institutional wisdom. Thank you as always appreciate your time and your insights here. Thank you gail. You've that eighteen now. Northern colorado's voice one or three one thirteen ten. Kfi gay this time. Check sponsored by the candlelight dinner playhouse in johnstown bringing union credible production of footloose the musical through november fourteenth for tickets and show him for information. Visit colorado candlelight dot com candlelight dinner playhouse in johnstown broadway in your backyard or the latest on the broncos the nuggets in the rockies. Listen to the whole show. Weekdays noon and northern colorado's voice one zero three point one and thirteen ten. kfi k. Everything you need to know about northern colorado is unknown weekdays at nine northern colorado's voice.

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