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It from the field. The four of US got together last Friday to preview the upcoming bird season and run our dogs on some wild birds immediately after the recording of this podcast. So at that said, let's welcome into the conversation at onto the project from podcast. John Jared inside. Mind Yep Yep. Well, that's why drag them through the blow down cover. Someone's gotTa shoot all those hairs. That one is just like edged. The one right by when we were getting out of the coverage. Shot that back in the covered I shot one but John. And rolled it. was laying there dead shot at again. Wade. This sobe times from my point of view. So we time you didn't see it down I. Shot It. It tumbled behind a tree. I? Kind of just kind of lead it on shot Gamer and thought was going to be. Tumbled shot. So Keel, double tap. Are we recording? Yeah, we are now. Okay. So I just figured since we're kind of on-scene on location, we would do a soft intro and not my my so formal welcome to the show. But with that said, welcome to the product podcast listeners, I don't do many of these where we are. Actually in wild places if you will. So this is I think this going to be kind of fun. It's happy hour it's Friday evening chairs and yet. Cheers. Cheers. socially. Distanced. Cheers. Yup and We are on a location where after we're done talking I, think the Sun's going to be about right in the sky and it's going to be pretty cool early September sake and we're GONNA run dogs on some wild birds possibly find a sharp Taylor to in Wisconsin. So let's introduce my guess you have heard from two of these gentlemen before the third person hasn't been on the PODCAST, but you may have heard of them we'll start to my left Jon. Quick Intro and what you do for rough girl society. So. John staggered m the regional forest conservation director, the rough grow society covering Wisconsin Minnesota Iowa and Illinois Basically I work with our conservation programs trying to work with private landowners, industrial partners, and public land agencies to manage for early successional and rough grouse habitat. That sounds like important stuff. Very important. We talked about quite a bit of that when we were when you were last on the podcast that would have been was that December, we went hunting. Late. Late? November. Okay. Late November we went hunting not too far from here northern Wisconsin chasing birds and recorded a podcast cabin with one of our other guests jared remind the listeners we are what you do jared Alma I'm a forest wildlife specialists with rough grou- society cover the northwest part of the state assisting. Private landowners with developing habitat plans and our third guest today guy that I've gotten to know over the last year. So we keep in keep pretty close touch and we we kind of frequent some of the same haunts, not always together. But today it worked out where you going to be at the cavern. Simon. decided to join us here. We were going to be here. You are not a rough girl society employees, but you're a member and your your new rough grouse hunter. Member before I even started rough goes on. Yeah. went to went to girls camp and Eagle River last year. My first. My first experience of the girls was really my first woodcock. I shot I shot overnight over my dog. That was quite impressive. Feel planning to go back to Eagle River this year. Absolutely. Late, that'd be late. September. Are you guys GonNa go I? Will I don't think Johns I will not be I haven't anniversary that weekend now is that been cleared with Swede there has been okay. East forgetting but we. Just. WanNa make sure you know it it is it is tempting and actually Rethinking vacationing up in the up for that for a long weekend and I. May actually convince the wife that we might have to swing through scamper away at the all right to make a pitstop over there might look like a fun time last year. I wasn't there very, very good time very relaxed event. I think I mean when you say so you're absolutely I mean besides shoot my first bird the lessons were very relaxed very personal but then also the Bonfires Really. Something, for for people if they're if they're nervous about getting getting into grouse and woodcock on. I mean real laid back type event really informational provide all the informational seminars you go out with people for very casual serve just hunting experienced showing you what type of covers habitat look for really well from my my perspective, get them and are just play but very well put on programs quite quite well networking to it's a little bit like college. So I'm still in touch with most people I met and two Croup Honda List for sure we all still. Trying, to meet up this year Yeah I think it was just based on like the recaps and Simon you wrote an article for the rough ground study blog about it last year based on the recaps. It was I. think it exceeded expectations as far as turnout and I I don't know if it I. Think it was a sell out. I. Don't know if it was what the capacity was but I do know from talking. Sweet. A little bit that the as of today I think there are still spots open by it's limited to one hundred people this year, and now I'm thinking about this I might have to put this podcast out a little sooner than I was thinking maybe we can get some promo but there are as up today there were spaces left at rough grouse camp in Eagle River it's like September twenty sixth. Around their twenty th through the twenty seven maybe. It's the last weekend in September. So folks can can definitely check out that. Since you been on the podcast before and you just Kinda hinted that like how you came into grouse-hunting what was the spark that? Made you take the plunge and so I'm GonNa grouse camp was that. You were thinking about it before that. Kind of sitting right beside me right now obviously has a podcast, another video mytalk shooter sitting right beside me and I was..

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