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Women, then right here on the view five women done sweetheart. View deficit information in this may just look who's voicing their view Ahman Anne Hathaway, Amy Poehler era, come into Droppin debut, her hot new video purpose in your. She hiti. What job for Howard Stern? Gayle king. Eric Stonestreet, Allison Williams and Nathan lane love as the twenty twenty race heats up this table heats up to with these voices, come into rock, our political view. This is what this show does proud of it. We're the view on ABC. Morning. Joe host Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski hits a hot topic stable Ross, Grammy and Oscar winner common gets personal about his childhood trauma and learning to let love have the last word. Rog, amac, so Madonna's on cover British vogue, where she says the people have always been trying to silence her for one reason or another that she's not pretty enough. She's not talented enough. And now she's turning sixty. She's not young enough. It seems to be, you know, something that happens to everyone and you have your time in the sun. And then you move into the shade. And somebody else takes their time in the sun doesn't work for happen everybody. I mean, the Rolling Stones are on Lipitor at this point. They're still dance. And you know, all the guys have still doing the road. Yeah. She's got a real complain. Oh, so we're not really she's still producing music. She's still on going on tour. I'm sure what the new album, but she needs to reinvent herself. Because you know, because she came up as this sort of like rebellious comic classic camp figure which is hard to do when you're in your source. She just needs to see the glass half full. I found this interview to be really unrelatable to women. And no humility I mean, she has been so lucky in her life, and every step of the way, she said, I have no living role models up to because nobody does what I do know one is raise six kids as a single mom and have void one is on. Yes. I I actually people Ross was actually one of the people. I was going to talk about is like there's actually a lot of women in there on that are doing make creating amazing music going on tour. Pat Benetton, Diana Ross selene Dion shared Devi Knicks. So like big Stevie next. I ride no Harvard. I love I love you. Oh, I didn't know lays from suggests comes down. Is great and still rockstar. These are it's okay. Like, hey, I don't care about age. We're all different ages ages just number trust me. I you guys hustle harder than anybody. But but this is different ways. Dada. And let's say, Diana. Diana was always elegant Dhamma was wearing cone Broncos, actually. The transition from her Jones. Sharon, she. Yes. She wants. John's this. She didn't raise Joe different chip. Madam with Donna. And I do think that what about their ages his real when it comes to women? And there is a difference between women and men, and I think she she didn't put it. Well. Yeah. You know Atlantic. I don't feel sorry Madan land. Well for me. I don't, but I will say what was strange to me strange. But she did say something that landed for me. She said that her kids have become too inundated with imagery and have started to compare themselves to other people, and it's been really hard for their self growth because she's raising kids in the time of yes. Well, this imagery when we even her kids people have are dealing range in cancer. And she was part of that they have are part of that game was I live up. up to listen. Yeah. You can still be the rock and roll that you are and the great mover and shaker that you are. But you can't say that no one else has done it because amazing women in rock and roll are still doing it. And there's still doing. Great john's. Apparently hula hoops every day is that. That is the Queen. A wreath is also quaint. What is the whole thing? Madonna. That's right. Yeah. We'll be right back. Joe Scarborough and Nico version ski thing Joe Biden can win the White House. Do they regret all the airtime? They gave the Donald Trump back when they were friends there live on the view next. You still feel the Oprah back that view your deal dot com. We partnered with enders for at least half off her latest batch of favorite things. So get to view your deal dot com..

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