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I'll just have to find the right job one in five. Rhode Islanders has student loan debt totalling almost four and a half billion dollars. There's so many entities out there doing these loans. Nobody was regulating them anymore it share Rhode Island's council on postsecondary education says it's common for loan servicers to take advantage of borrowers undisclosed fees interest rates that change over time. They're kind of hidden like twigs on the forest that you don't know when you're about to step on one because they're in the fine print. So a group commissioned by state lawmakers came up with several recommendations to protect people with student loans. A lot of people don't realize how widespread this problem is the recommendations include a state registration for student loan servicers a series of. Minimum standards that would require communication between loan servicers and borrowers and enforcement for any loan servicers who violate those standards part of the reason that student loan servicers have been failing so many people is because there have been no consequences for bad behavior. There should be penalties. When student loan servicers either purposefully or negligently ruin people's lives by giving them the wrong information about their student loans. Legislation is expected to be introduced soon Susan Campbell. From eyewitness news, Patrick Andersson covering things on the political scene in the Providence Journal says h Russell top was already introducing himself as an ambassador when he appeared in Rhode Island Republican political circles in two thousand fourteen as a fresh faced newcomer, I guess it raised a few flags for some people in the party party leaders long before federal prosecutors charged him with fraud, according to Brandon bell who was the Rhode Island Republican party chair. He said I had concerns about him. From the very beginning. I warn people, and I know others who were warning people about bottom too. He had visions of grandeur. So when tall brand for congress against US Representative David Cecil Leany back in two thousand sixteen bell said that he recommended tob not receive the party endorsement at the time of a party members. Did ultimately endorsed him. Other Rhode Island Republicans never suspected anything was amiss with the man federal investigators now accused of using GOP donors as a cash machine to pay for among other things clothing cigars strip club trips in escorts. According to court documents tub raised more than one point six million dollars through an unregistered political action committee and pocketed one of the million dollars of that for his own personal use. And he is scheduled to be arraigned in US district court in providence today and has signed a plea agreement with prosecutors. So there you go very strong candidate to be chosen as our big brilliant on of the week in Narragansett. Squid fishermen. Are concerned about offshore wind farming. Why here's Kate Walsh from my witness news getting the public aware of what is potentially happening to their.

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